Prepare for the cutting edge of pharmacy practice with a four-year Doctor of 药店 degree from 365app下载手机版’s 内斯比特药学院. 做一个会创造的创新者 药房实践的未来.



项目类型 格式 学分
研究生 在校园 139-143


In 365app下载手机版’s 内斯比特药学院, you’ll join a close-knit “pharmily” of professionals passionate about improving patient care in a range of pharmacy settings. Our small class size ensures personalized attention with an emphasis on hands-on clinical training, new technologies, research and communication.

Real-world experiences begin as early as the first year, starting in community practice and followed by working with prescribers and clinical faculty in hospital pharmacy 和telepharmacy. You may supplement your degree with a concentration, like 西班牙语 or Public Health, or capitalize on the opportunity to hone business skills in a dual PharmD / MBA课程.

Our graduates routinely exceed the national average pass rate on licensure exams. The 奈斯比特 School also matches student pharmacists seeking competitive post-graduate residency training at a higher rate than the national average.

课程     入学要求


  • Gain a strong foundation in basic sciences, such as pharmaceutics, pharmacology, medicinal 化学,解剖学和生理学.
  • Acquire clinical knowledge in therapeutics, pharmacokinetics, and pathophysiology.
  • Develop skills in physical assessment, patient counseling and clinical decision-making.
  • Understand how psychology, sociology, economics, health policy and management impact 成功实践.
  • Cultivate interpersonal skills to communicate effectively and function in a team environment.
  • Learn how to provide high-quality health care and make meaningful contributions to 药剂学药学的科学和实践.



Join our “pharmily” of students passionate about providing patient care and involved 在365app下载手机版的方方面面.


Receive your traditional white coat during this ceremonial program to mark your shift from preclinical to clinical study and practice.

双学位PharmD /工商管理硕士

The PharmD/MBA dual degree option gives you the expertise to work in a management-level position in a variety of health care settings.


My favorite aspect of 365app下载手机版 is the supportive faculty and family-like 学习环境. I also felt as though I was supported with whatever I wanted to do in addition to being pushed to become the best that I can be.

亚历克斯庞塞'19 -药学博士

I feel more than prepared to work each day as a pharmacist and leader with the U.S. 空军 because of the values instilled within by the faculty and staff at Wilkes.

科迪·默卡'20 -药学博士

Wilkes provided me with so many opportunities to turn me into a well-rounded pharmacist 和人. I was able to stay heavily involved in activities within and outside of 医药学校. It is a very close-knit community, and my professors were always 当我需要帮助的时候.

劳伦Hertzog '20 -药学博士

first-time NAPLEX (licensure) pass rate, consistently exceeding the national average


freshman accepted each year into the 预药房保证座位计划


MPJE pass rate for Wilkes PharmD grads taking the Pennsylvania exam

内斯比特药学院 Pass Rates Exceed National Averages

研究生s from the 365app下载手机版 内斯比特药学院 achieved a pass rate that exceeds the national average on the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) and the Multistate 药店 Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE).


职业生涯 & 结果

Pharmacists are trusted medication experts that work to better the health of their 社区. PharmD graduates work in pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, research centers and outpatient care facilities. 下面是一些例子 of job titles, employers and post-graduate residency positions secured by recent graduates 365app的药学博士项目.


  • 临床药师
  • 门诊药剂师
  • 化疗药剂师
  • 社区药房老板
  • 儿科药剂师
  • 毒物控制专家
  • 工业药剂师


  • CVS
  • 盖辛格医疗系统
  • 利哈伊谷卫生网络
  • 赛诺菲安万特
  • U.S. 空军
  • 沃尔格林
  • Weis市场


  • WellSpan
  • 弗吉尼亚州医疗中心
  • 盖辛格医疗系统
  • VCU健康系统
  • 天普大学医疗系统
  • 耶鲁大学纽黑文医院
  • Highmark


专业的申请者 seek direct admission to the Doctor of 药店 Professional 程序.


  • 已获得美国大学学士学位.S. 认证机构.
  • Have completed, or have in progress, the required coursework at Wilkes or another 大学.
  • Are currently enrolled in 365app下载手机版's pre-pharmacy parallel track.
  • Are interested in applying as a transfer applicant to the 内斯比特药学院.

A completed application is composed of all of the below:

  • 完整的网上申请.
  • Submission of prerequisite course document.
  • General Education requirements document (if you have not previously earned a bachelor’s 学位).
  • 所有正式成绩单.
  • 目的声明.
  • 三(3)建议.

High school students expected to graduate in the spring/summer, or high school graduates who have not enrolled in a two- or four-year college or 大学, may apply to the six-year 预药房保证座位计划 (PPGS).


If you have any additional questions regarding the application process, please contact:


招生协调员 & 学生 Affairs, 内斯比特药学院